No.1 Beauty Studio

No.1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh, Southampton


No. 1 Beauty Studio
9, Pirelli Way
SO50 5GE

Opening Times:


Tuesday - Friday
10:00am - 8:00pm

9:00am - 6:00pm


Tel: 02380 611622

No.1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh



A complete line, Guinot provides a wide range of beauty care with its philophosy being that it exclusively entrusts its brand and treatments to only beauty salons world wide. It is this synergy of professional services and skin care products that results in beautiful skin - for which Guinot is renowned.

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75mins - 'All skin types' - £48

Using a machine, fortified gels will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin therefore giving a more balanced and healthy complexion. The gels are absorbed by gently gliding rollers over the facial contours. The high frequency section will deep cleanse, oxygenate and regenerate new skin cells. The manual massage will relax the facial features and facilitate cell exchanges. A hydrdermie offers immediate and lasting results.

Hydradermie Age Logic

90mins - 'Mature skins' - £59

(Formerly known as Super Cathio / Hydradermie Plus)

The best anti-age technique to visibly rejuvenate your skin and combat the signs of ageing. Your skin will have regained firmness and radiance triggering cell activity which has become dormant with time. The Hydradermie facial includes added treatments and serums specifically for the eyes, neck and décalleté. Along with its relaxing Serenity Massage this treatment will leave your skin feeling revitalised, more receptive to products and will address all your beauty aims and youth goals.


75mins - 'Firming' - £50

A unique treatment method combining firming and regeneration. The Pro-Collagen concentrate diffuses deep down thanks to gentle warmth of the Thermolift Masque restoring the skins elasticity and firmness by reinforcing elastin in the tissues. The Liftsome treatment shows visible results where the facial features are firmer and lifted which is why it makes it a particularly great treatment before a special occasion - an instant 'facelift'!.

Beauté Neuve

70mins - 'Radiance' - £48

Beauté Neuve is a treatment which removes the dead skin cells responsible for dull, lack lustre complexions. A formula of fruit acids and vitamin C, it gently peels away the dead skin cells and helps brighten and restore radiance. Particularly good for stressed skins, post holidays, illness and that 'out all night' feel or as a 'pick me up' especially through the winter months. It refreshes and renews putting the spring back into your skin.