Longing for a moment of ‘Me Time’.  These targeted treatments provide an expert remedy to suit your individual needs


Using bespoke hand mixed synergy of essential oils this massage will stimulate your senses and your well being

Back, neck and shoulders 30 mins £30

Full body 60 mins £50

Warm Bamboo

Using Warm Bamboo adds deeper pressure into those areas of tension to induce muscle ease

Back, neck and shoulders 30 mins £30

Full body 60 mins £50

No Hands Massage ™

Powerful bodywork that is slow, calm and deep. Using the forearms this massage resembles meditation that is good for the body and the soul

Back and back of legs 30 mins £30

Full body 60 mins £50

Bellabaci Cupping

Cupping therapy using silicone suction cups, combined with Swedish massage movements, treats lymphatic stagnation and toxin elimination along with relaxation

Back, neck and shoulders 30 mins £30

Full body 60 mins £50

No1 Back Experience

A thorough treatment specifically for the back. Includes 30 minutes back massage, exfoliation plus a mini scalp massage whilst a nourishing or cleansing mask is on the back. Excellent for pre and post holidays or those special occasions.

’No1 Back Experience Duo’, a special price offer, but 2 together at a discount. Prep the back, a difficult area to get to, in readiness for that summer holiday, wedding or special occasion. Buy 2 of these treatments and have them one before the event and one after

45 mins £45

No1 Sheer Indulgence

Enhance your wellbeing with this ultimate signature experience. You will be indulged with a body brush, full back massage, scalp stimulation, mini facial together with hand and foot treatments. Be prepared to be pampered!!

120 mins £95

The Scalp

Drift into deep relaxation as all traces of tension are gently eased from the scalp leaving your mind calm. 

Tranquillity laid down scalp massage 30 mins £30

Indian Head seated massage 30 mins £30

Decleor Envelopment

A heated cocoon of bliss which includes a full body exfoliation, and a Full Body Massage after which you are gently wrapped in a heated blanket so as the moisturising body mask can absorb into the skin to create total wellbeing. A great body prep to revitalise  the skin before and after a special occasion or holiday….pure relaxation

70 mins £60


Using firm but gentle pressure to increase blood flow and release tension 

Back, neck and shoulders 30 mins £30

Full Body 60 mins £50

Hot Stones

Using smooth heated Basalt stones the warmth penetrates deep into the muscle releasing tension and promoting relaxation

Back, neck and shoulders 30 mins £30

Full body 60 mins £50

Warm Bolus

The Warm Bolus contains 20 exotic herbs and spices that penetrates into the skin awakening the senses and loosens up tension between body and mind

Back, neck and shoulders 30 mins £30

Full body 60 mins £50

Lomi Lomi

A traditional Hawaiian massage using long, gliding, rhythmic strokes that feels like a wave of relaxation over the body

Back and back of legs 30 mins £30

Full body 60 mins £50

Pick & Choose Massage

  • Can’t decide which of our many types of massage to have. This treatment gives you a little of a Swedish, Aromatherapy, Detox cupping, Warm Bamboo and Hot stones all in one session.

Back, Neck and Shoulders 30 mins £30

Full Body 60 mins £50

Trilogy Massage

A wonderful treatment that includes a 30 minute back massage, 15 minute face massage and 15 minute scalp massage. A complete pamper for all those areas of stress

60 mins £50

Decleor Arommassage

This slow massage helps to release tension with a cocktail of movements including Thai, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Swedish and Aromatherapy. A clam and comforting treatment that leaves you feeling pampered

60 mins £50


A traditional Ayurvedic treatment to calm a ‘chattering’ mind. With an added back and scalp massage, warm oil is poured over the ‘third eye’ (located on the forehead) clearing the mind, calming the senses and inducing deep rest that borders upon meditation – it’s yoga for the mind!

60 mins £50

Doublet Massage

2 Therapists working on one client in synchronised massage movements. The clients body acts as a canvas onto which they choreograph slow and detailed moves at varying paces and pressures. A powerful treatment that feels like a double massage with twice the relaxation!

£45 for 30 MINS

£65 for 1 HOUR

All Good Things

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