In the dynamic realm of beauty and skincare, the journey to radiant and flawless skin can be intricate. Amidst the sea of skincare treatments and procedures, one technique stands the test of time due to its effectiveness and convenience – microdermabrasion.

This non-invasive procedure unveils youthful, healthier skin in a matter of minutes. Be it ageing signs, acne scarring, or uneven skin tone, this versatile treatment addresses a spectrum of skin concerns, making it a preferred choice for many.

At No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh, we have incorporated this revolutionary treatment into our diverse skincare solutions. Our adept professionals are ready to provide bespoke treatments, designed in accordance with your unique skin requirements and objectives. In this extensive guide, we will navigate the fascinating world of this luxurious treatment, unveiling its myriad benefits and why No1 Beauty Studio is your go-to destination for microdermabrasion.


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Understanding the treatment

It is a non-surgical, safe and scientifically proven skin rejuvenation technique that works wonders for various skin types and conditions. This process uses a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand the skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. As the name suggests, it involves tiny exfoliating crystals that are sprayed on the skin, resulting in a brighter, more vibrant complexion.

In essence, microdermabrasion facilitates the removal of the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells, exposing the fresh, healthy cells underneath. This is achieved by stimulating blood flow which, in turn, enhances the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. Consequently, it boosts cell production in the basal layer, leading to improved skin elasticity and texture.

While the primary focus is exfoliation, it also induces a wound-healing response, stimulating the production of new collagen. Collagen is a critical protein that provides structure and elasticity to our skin. With age, collagen production slows down, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Microdermabrasion counteracts this by promoting collagen production, thereby improving skin firmness and reducing the signs of ageing.

One noteworthy aspect is that it is non-invasive and requires no downtime. This means that you can immediately return to your usual activities post-treatment, making it a convenient choice for those with busy lifestyles.

Furthermore, it’s versatile, effectively treating a host of skin imperfections and conditions. These include wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, clogged pores, uneven texture, and even certain types of acne scars. Thus, whether your goal is to mitigate signs of ageing, brighten dull skin, or combat acne, microdermabrasion could be an excellent solution.

At No1 Beauty Studio, we use the Skinbase facial system, known for its safety and efficacy. This advanced system sprays fine crystals onto the skin’s surface while simultaneously vacuuming them up, along with dead skin cells. The result is a smooth, rejuvenated complexion that feels as good as it looks. This procedure is a testament to our commitment to deliver the best treatment in Eastleigh, promising you a transformative skincare experience.



The allure lies not only in its versatility but also in the plethora of benefits it offers. A simple, swift procedure can unlock an array of skin improvements. Here, we delve into the reasons why microdermabrasion has become a cornerstone of contemporary skincare:

Improved Skin Texture and Tone: One of the most immediate benefits of the treatment is a visible improvement in skin texture and tone. By eliminating the layer of dead skin cells, the treatment reveals a smoother, more evenly textured skin surface, resulting in a refreshed, revitalised appearance.

Reduced Signs of Ageing: Stimulates collagen production, an essential factor in maintaining skin elasticity and plumpness. This process naturally decreases as we age, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. By boosting collagen synthesis, microdermabrasion effectively minimises these signs of ageing, fostering a youthful appearance.

Enhanced Product Absorption: The removal of the dead skin layer enables skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin, thereby optimising their effectiveness. Whether it’s your daily moisturiser or a targeted serum, you’ll likely notice that your products work more effectively after treatment.

Acne and Scar Reduction: Microdermabrasion can be beneficial for certain types of acne and can help reduce or eliminate the scars that acne often leaves behind. By deeply exfoliating the skin and unclogging pores, this procedure can dramatically improve the skin’s appearance.

Sun Damage Reversal: Over time, exposure to the sun can leave your skin with pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Microdermabrasion helps to remove the layer of skin affected by sun damage, promoting the growth of a new, healthier layer, and reducing the appearance of sun spots.

In essence, microdermabrasion is a ticket to rejuvenated, vibrant skin. Its benefits span from addressing specific concerns like acne scars and sun damage to overall skin enhancement. It’s an investment in your skin’s health and beauty – an investment that No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh is thrilled to assist you with.


Microdermabrasion in Eastleigh at No1 Beauty Studio

At No1 Beauty Studio, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality, bespoke skincare solutions to our clients, and our microdermabrasion treatments are no exception. Understanding that each individual’s skin is unique, we personalise our microdermabrasion sessions to match your specific skin type and goals.

From the moment you step into our welcoming studio in Eastleigh, you’ll be in the expert hands of our highly trained skincare professionals. They will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you are comfortable and well-informed. Prior to the treatment, our estheticians conduct a detailed skin analysis, taking into account your current skin condition, concerns, and objectives. This allows us to adjust the intensity of the microdermabrasion treatment to optimally suit your needs and maximise the results.

During the treatment, we use the cutting-edge Skinbase facial microdermabrasion system, renowned for its safety and efficacy. The process involves spraying fine crystals onto your skin’s surface, then vacuuming them away, taking with it dead skin cells and promoting a smoother, rejuvenated complexion.

Post-treatment, we’ll provide you with a bespoke skincare regimen to prolong the benefits of your microdermabrasion session and maintain your skin’s health and radiance. We believe in ongoing care, and our commitment to your skin extends beyond your visit to our studio.

Furthermore, we strive to offer our services at competitive prices, ensuring that top-tier skincare treatments like microdermabrasion are accessible. We regularly run exclusive promotions and competitions, allowing our clients to enjoy the best of beauty and skincare treatments at fantastic value.

In essence, choosing No1 Beauty Studio for your microdermabrasion treatment means opting for personalised, comprehensive skincare solutions, delivered by skilled professionals in a serene and welcoming environment. It’s the quality of service, care, and the transformation you’ll see in your skin that sets us apart in the skincare industry. Let us help you unveil the healthier, younger, and more radiant skin that lies beneath the surface.


Microdermabrasion Aftercare and Maintenance

The path to radiant skin doesn’t end with a microdermabrasion session. Good aftercare and consistent skincare routines are crucial to maximise and prolong the treatment’s benefits.

Post-treatment, your skin may feel slightly sensitive, similar to mild sunburn. This is completely normal and subsides within a few hours. We recommend avoiding makeup and any harsh skincare products for at least 24 hours after the treatment to allow your skin to recover naturally.

Keep your skin hydrated and nourished. A good moisturiser is vital in maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. Similarly, the use of a high-quality serum can contribute to nourishing your newly exposed skin layer, promoting skin health and glow.

It’s also essential to protect your skin from sun exposure post-treatment. Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun after a microdermabrasion session, so a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 is a must.

Regular follow-up treatments can also enhance the results. Depending on your skin type and condition, our skincare experts at No1 Beauty Studio will guide you on an optimal treatment schedule.

Remember, every skin type is different, and it may take multiple treatments to achieve your desired results. But with each session, you’ll notice gradual improvement – your skin will look healthier, younger, and more radiant. Investing time and effort in maintaining your skin post-microdermabrasion will ensure you enjoy its transformative effects for a long time.


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Your skin deserves the best care, and microdermabrasion is one of the most effective, non-invasive treatments available to revitalise and rejuvenate your skin. From addressing specific skin concerns like acne and sun damage, to boosting overall skin health and radiance, microdermabrasion is a powerful ally on your skincare journey.

At No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh, we are delighted to offer this transformative treatment, personalised to your unique skincare needs. Our professional team is dedicated to providing you with superior care, ensuring that you leave our studio with a renewed glow and a confident smile.

Moreover, with our exciting Instagram competition, you now have the opportunity to win a free microdermabrasion session for you and a friend. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to experience the magic of microdermabrasion at our studio!

In the world of skincare, it’s the steps we take today that dictate the health of our skin tomorrow. Start your journey with microdermabrasion in Eastleigh at No1 Beauty Studio, and embrace a future of radiant, beautiful skin.

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