Immerse yourself in luxury and rejuvenation at No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh..


Discover the Ultimate Pampering Experience at our Beauty Salon in Eastleigh

Discover the Ultimate Pampering Experience at our Beauty Salon in Eastleigh


Are you looking for the perfect place to unwind, rejuvenate, and pamper yourself? Look no further than No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh, where we provide a diverse range of beauty treatments and services designed to enhance your natural beauty and promote a sense of well-being. From relaxing massages and revitalising facials to flawless manicures and stunning lash extensions, our experienced therapists are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience tailored to your individual needs. Read on to discover what makes No1 Beauty Studio the ultimate destination for self-care and indulgence in Eastleigh.

Our Exceptional Beauty Salon Services:

At No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive selection of treatments and services, all expertly delivered by our highly skilled therapists. Here’s an in-depth look at our most popular offerings:

  1. Customised Facials:

Our bespoke facial treatments at No1 Beauty Studio are designed to address your unique skin type, concerns, and goals. Our therapists conduct an in-depth skin analysis to create a tailored treatment plan, ensuring that your specific needs are met. Benefits of our facials include deep cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and relaxation, all contributing to a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion.

We offer a variety of facial treatments, such as:

  • Anti-ageing facials: Target fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity with our cutting-edge anti-ageing treatments. Utilising advanced techniques and products, we can help restore a more youthful and radiant appearance.
  • Acne facials: For those struggling with acne, our specialised treatments focus on deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction to unclog pores and reduce inflammation.
  • Hydrating facials: Ideal for those with dry or dehydrated skin, our hydrating facials infuse your skin with moisture and nutrients, resulting in a plumper, more supple complexion.
  • Brightening facials: Revitalise dull or uneven skin tones with our brightening treatments, designed to gently exfoliate and stimulate cell turnover for a more radiant glow.
  1. Massage Therapy:

Escape the stresses of everyday life with a soothing massage at our beauty salon in Eastleigh. Our expert therapists offer various massage styles, such as Swedish, deep tissue, and aromatherapy, to provide a personalised experience that caters to your preferences and well-being needs. Experience the therapeutic benefits of massage, including reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, and enhanced relaxation.

Our massage offerings include:

  • Swedish massage: This classic massage technique uses long, flowing strokes to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and relieve muscle tension.
  • Deep tissue massage: Focusing on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, this massage technique can help alleviate chronic pain and tension.
  • Aromatherapy massage: Combining the benefits of massage with the therapeutic properties of essential oils, aromatherapy massages can help to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.
  • Hot stone massage: Warm, smooth stones are placed on specific points of the body to help release muscle tension and promote relaxation.
  1. Nail Services:

Treat your hands and feet to a luxurious manicure or pedicure at No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh. Our professional nail technicians provide expert nail and cuticle care, shaping your nails to your desired length and style, and using high-quality polishes for a durable, chip-resistant finish. Whether you’re looking for a classic, understated look or a bold, statement design, our beauty salon in Eastleigh has you covered.

Our nail services include:

  • Classic manicures and pedicures: Our standard nail treatments include a soak, cuticle care, nail shaping, and polish application. You can also opt for a hand or foot massage to enhance the experience.
  • Gel manicures and pedicures: For a longer-lasting finish, choose a gel polish application. Gel polish is cured under a UV or LED light, providing a high-shine, chip-resistant finish that can last up to two weeks.
  • Nail art: Express your creativity and personal style with custom nail art designs. Our skilled nail technicians can create intricate patterns, geometric shapes, and more to make your nails stand out.
  • Nail extensions: If you’re looking to add length and strength to your natural nails, consider nail extensions. We offer both acrylic and gel extensions, which can be applied over your natural nails or with tips for added length.
  1. Lash and Brow Services:

Enhance your natural features with our range of lash and brow services at No1 Beauty Studio beauty salon. From lash extensions and lifts to brow lamination and tinting, our skilled therapists can create a stunning and long-lasting effect that perfectly complements your personal style. Experience the transformative power of expertly crafted lashes and brows, designed to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes.

Our lash and brow services include:

  • Lash extensions: Add length, volume, and curl to your natural lashes with semi-permanent extensions. Our therapists will carefully apply individual lashes to your own, creating a custom look that lasts for weeks.
  • Lash lifts: Enhance your natural lashes with a lash lift, a treatment that lifts and curls your lashes from the base, creating the appearance of longer, fuller lashes without extensions.
  • Brow lamination: This innovative treatment restructures your brow hairs to create a fuller, more uniform look. Brow lamination can help to correct uneven brow shapes and create a more polished appearance.
  • Brow tinting: Enhance your natural brow colour and add definition with a custom brow tint. Our therapists will carefully apply a semi-permanent dye to your brows, creating a subtle yet impactful effect.
  1. Hair Removal:

Achieve smooth, hair-free skin with our professional hair removal services at our beauty salon in Eastleigh. We offer a variety of hair removal methods, including waxing and threading, to suit your preferences and skin type. Our experienced therapists ensure a comfortable and efficient experience, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and radiant.

Our hair removal services include:

  • Waxing: Our waxing services cover all areas of the body, including legs, arms, bikini, and facial waxing. We use high-quality wax products and techniques to ensure a comfortable and effective experience.
  • Threading: Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that uses a thin, twisted cotton thread to remove hair at the follicle level. It is particularly suitable for facial hair removal, such as eyebrows, upper lip, and chin.
  1. Body Treatments:

Indulge in a selection of body treatments at No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh, designed to nourish, revitalise, and rejuvenate your skin. Choose from options such as body scrubs, wraps, and slimming treatments, each expertly delivered by our skilled therapists to provide an exceptional pampering experience.

Our body treatments include:

  • Body scrubs: Exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin with a full-body scrub, which uses a blend of natural ingredients to gently remove dead skin cells and reveal smoother, softer skin beneath.
  • Body wraps: Choose from a variety of body wraps, such as detoxifying clay wraps, nourishing shea butter wraps, or hydrating seaweed wraps, to address your specific skin concerns and leave your skin feeling deeply nourished and revitalised.
  • Slimming treatments: Target areas of concern, such as cellulite or water retention, with our range of slimming treatments. Our therapists use a combination of massage techniques, products, and body wraps to help improve the appearance of your skin and promote a firmer, more toned look.

Why Choose No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh:

At No1 Beauty Studio, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our extensive range of beauty salon treatments and services. We strive to provide a welcoming, relaxing environment where you can truly escape the stresses of daily life and immerse yourself in self-care and rejuvenation. Our highly trained therapists are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, taking the time to understand your unique needs and preferences, and customising each treatment to deliver the best possible results.

In addition to our skilled team and luxurious treatments, we are passionate about using only the highest quality products and cutting-edge techniques in our beauty salon. By staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and innovations, we can provide our clients with the most effective and enjoyable beauty experiences.


No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh is the ideal destination for those seeking the ultimate pampering experience in a relaxing setting. We offer an extensive range of bespoke treatments designed to enhance your natural glow and promote a sense of well-being. Whether you’re looking to relax with a soothing massage, refresh your complexion with a customised facial, or elevate your look with stunning lash extensions, our professional therapists are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience tailored to your individual needs. Book your appointment today and discover the transformative power of our beauty salon services at No1 Beauty Studio in Eastleigh.


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