In an extraordinary journey spanning a year, No 1 Beauty Studio celebrated a pivotal milestone on 30th September. This date marked the one-year anniversary of Lorna Carter-Blake taking the helm as the beauty studio’s owner, and the past year has seen nothing short of transformative changes in the world of beauty and wellness.

Lorna, an accomplished entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses to her name, took on a unique venture with a clear vision: to create a sanctuary where beauty seamlessly intertwines with holistic wellness, transcending the superficial.

In a recent statement, Lorna remarked, “I am proud of the salon and all that we are achieving to bring luxurious massages and facial treatments to the local community“.

Heading this ambitious project is Beth Griffiths, the seasoned Salon Manager at No 1 Beauty. Armed with an extensive background in the beauty industry, Beth consistently ensures that each client’s experience exceeds expectations, crafting every visit into an unforgettable one.

Beth Griffiths further noted, “Each client and their skincare needs are unique. Here at No 1 Beauty Studio, we harness that to create a bespoke skincare service to help with signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring or just giving your skin some radiance“.

Nestled within No 1 Beauty’s  transformative journey lies an array of exceptional treatments that have garnered acclaim from clients far and wide. From indulgent massages that melt away the cares of the day to rejuvenating facials that unveil your skin’s true radiance, their treatments offer a world of relaxation and beauty enhancement.

For those seeking solace from the daily grind, No 1 Beauty Studio’s massages are nothing short of a revelation. Their Basalt Stone Massage, in particular, has gained recognition for its ability to promote overall wellness. Utilising smooth, heated Basalt Stones, this treatment penetrates deep into the muscles, releasing tension and inducing profound relaxation. It’s not merely a surface-level escape; it’s a holistic experience that addresses both body and soul.

Complementing their massage offerings is the Warm Himalayan Salt Stones Massage. These mineral-rich stones are renowned for emitting negative ions that elevate mood and mental well-being. Their gentle abrasion also provides a mild exfoliation, leaving your skin silky smooth. As you bask in the soothing warmth and strokes of this massage, you’re transported to a world of tranquillity and stress relief.

These treatments, along with an array of others, are the hallmarks of No 1 Beauty’s commitment to providing clients with rejuvenating experiences that extend beyond mere skincare. It’s a testament to their dedication to the fusion of beauty and holistic wellness, echoing the vision that Lorna Carter-Blake had when she took the helm a year ago.


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